Thursday, December 6, 2007

Alice + 10

this is the Alice in Smokiey's song about not living next door to Alice.

the song was about living next door to Alice for 24 years. and wondering how life would be after Alice moved.

it has been 34 years since some of us had spent a few years [about 5 in my case - and about 11 in many others' cases] in school together.

yes, i had an opportunity to reconnect and meet with some of my classmates from school - after 34 years.
while electronic contact was established a few months ago, it was a transit via Chicago that gave an opportunity to meet with the twins in the class for lunch.

then it was a totally chance meeting at a function - where i was one of the chief guests - when one of the persons attending waled up and asked -- are you from .. school? and wasn't your nickname ... i was amazed.

the next day, called up one of the more enthusiastic ones - whose phone # was on the egroup list, and, thanks to him - met up with about 10 of them in one go in the evening.

even after 34 years, a couple of them had not changed much and could be recognized. but for most others - at least for me - it was only through some incidents that i could recall who they were.

interesting how some of these memories come back with a little trigger.
also interesting was to note that some of them were still living in the same house as they were and some of the hangouts were still active.

was sad to hear about some of the teachers as well as classmates who had to go through some difficult times.

well, in case you were wondering why the post is titled Alice + 10 - it was just to trigger your curiosity..
it has been 34 years since i have not been living next door to some of my classmates.. yo!

so, smokiey - don't worry.. it will all come back to you even after 34 years..
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