Saturday, December 22, 2007


sitting at home while the house is getting painted - is an interesting experience.

long overdue, this was a impulse decision to make good use of a few off days from work.

if not anything else, it added to the chaos of things lying everywhere - making Hoogle even more necessary.

but then, in all this - some time to wonder why ...
? why does the last peanut have to be rotten?
? why should the stapler run out of stapes when you want just one staple?
? why should the phone ring when you have someone at the door?
? why do all channels on tv or radio play ads at almost the same time?
? why is there a traffic jam when you are so close to home?
? why do you have someone at a party who always knows the punchlines for the new jokes you want to crack?

etc etc etc
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