Monday, November 26, 2007

shaken - and stirred..

out of bed this morning by an earthquake.

this was my second experience of an earthquake.
the first, a few years ago, was in California.
that was reasonably mild - we were sitting on a sofa inside the new office being furnished, taking stock of the progress in the cabling work.
when i thought that the sofa moved a bit - as if someone got up and pushed it back, while getting up -and i also notices that the wires hanging from the roof were also swaying vigorously..

the other person, who has been a California resident, did not notice it. possibly because he was used to such small tremors.

when we came out and checked with the building owner, it was confirmed that i had experienced my first quake.

but this morning, it was far more intense.
i reached noida close to midnight and this was a new guest house, that i was staying at, for the first time.
this one, as minimalistic as some of the other guest houses i have stayed in - had a net connection and got connected and cleared a few mails and was in bed around midnight.

i was woken up when i felt the bed shaking.
before i realized and could stir out of bed, i could see and feel the door rattling, the chairs literally jumping, as if we were all in a sieve and someone was shaking it.

as i recalled the emergency steps to be taken, to get under a cot - which seems to be counter intuitive - and wondered if there would be sufficient space underneath.. it stopped.

check out this site from the Los Angeles Fire Department for some tips.

p.s. this post filed from the room that shook - less than three hours from the quake. could have done it earlier, but i went back to sleep :-)
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