Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Life of Li


Her name is pronouced Lee.

It was a saturday morning when I first saw her.

I was on the garden balcony talking on the phone. I don’t know why, but with a cordless phone, it seems to be natural to walk while one is talking..

then I noticed that she was very shyly trying to rise over the water, between the leaves.

I had almost given up hope.. thinking that the bulb we had would not flower..


Yes, Li was my pet name to the Lilly.

then the hide and seek began.

Saturday afternoon:


I could see the bud slowly opening.. based on the changes since morning, I expected full bloom by Sunday morning.


but Li did not seem to be in a hurry.

sunday late afternoon:


I was confused. it aappeared that the bud was withdrawing into the water..

monday morning, quickly checked before leaving for the office and it was almost like the day before.

and then, I got a call from home – around 9 AM.

that Li was in full bloom!

day 1 HomeLilly Bloom

and a picture taken with a phone..

I came home that evening, onky to see Li back into the water!


left instructions at home to keep a watch on Li and capture her activities at regular intervals.

then, I would know what she is upto, while I was away..

morning around 8.30, she was up again, sloly opening up..

day 2 Lilly 001

by 9.30, opened up some more

day 2 Lilly 002

by 10, open fully..

day 2 Lilly 003

but, notice, the tips of the petals are already seeming to get dry..

by evening, she was back to her comfort zone, all wrapped up and ready to retire for the day!

day 2 Lilly 004

I was very happy to have figured out Li’s routine.

and, I would be better prepared for Day 3!

a more frequent watch was planned.

but the best shot we could get was:

day 3 Lilly 001

she would not even come up.

So long, Li. R.I.P.

a couple of days later,

Lilly2 001

Li’s sister was out!

with the previous experience, my prediction was that she would bloom over the weekend – and I would not miss the opportunity to capture the secret life of Li 2.

Lilly2 005Lilly2 006Lilly2 007Lilly2 008 

Lilly2 014Lilly2 015Lilly2 016Lilly2 017

and day 2 was similar.

so was day 3..

now, I know that these lillies stay in bloom for 2 days, for just a couple of hours every day.

and then, they go back into the water..

even after day 1. they seem to prefer to sleep underwater at night..

Lilly2 030Lilly2 031

Li, now that everyone knows

how your life flows,

come back soon

and stay even beyond noon..