Sunday, December 16, 2007


this is what i need.
a Home Google. the amount of time one spends at home - searching for things - should offer a neat opportunity for the next killer app..

do the following situations sound familiar?
- morning. school time. kids getting ready...
? where is my socks? did you take the homework note book? where is the pencilbox?....

- morning - getting ready to go to office..
? where is that file? cannot find a matching tie for that meeting today - it has been ages since i wore a tie .. and now i cannot find it

- just before leaving for a family vacation
? where are the keys for the suitcases? or the rooms we rarely lock... who has the tickets and the confirmation vouchers from the resort...

or just simple questions like:
? where is the remote?

a combination of RFID, GPS and Google should be able to do wonders - to know where everything is and locate them, just as i think of locating one..
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