Sunday, December 9, 2007

Witricity and more

came across this list of unusual power sources.

witricity, or wireless electricity is something that has been on my wish list.
with so much electromagnetic radiation around us, the excess energies that are dissipated can surely be tapped to power some of the low power consuming devices - such as headsets or mobile phones or even TV / Audio remote controls.

one does not have to bother changing the batteries..

when researchers start exploring they do come across many ideas - such as biovolt.. will leave that to your imagination of what can be used as raw material and how it can be produced..

see some of these unusual sources at:,39024649,39168674,00.htm

when i saw the energy generated from passenger footfalls, i was wondering if there were sources to generate power from hot air.

our politicians can be the prime source for such energy - at least in India, we need not worry about power shortages.
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