Thursday, November 8, 2007


not Laugh out loud.
this is based on an observation that i heard recently.
this was about how on ecannot take anyone else for granted, as everyone seems to be Living their Own Life - hence LoL..

a lot has been written about nuclear families.
but, in today's competitive, consumerist world, it is more of I, me, myself.
and anything that is centered around onself is what seems to matter.

whether it is while standing in line for movie tickets or getting into a parking slot;
whether it is while ordering at a fast food restaurant or getting into a bus;

some of this agressive behaviour can be observed even in children.
is it because of the ads and programs they are exposed to?

many ads emphasize the individual and the rewards of pampering oneself -- 'i am worth it..'
or 'making your own road / rules..'

what are the new values of society?
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