Friday, November 23, 2007

Time to worry..

well, i got one of these multi-level forwarded mail with the subject line as this post.
hoping that the friend who sent it to me had done so with absolutely sincere intentions to warn me of something that i have not been taking care of, as i should have - such as my yogasana - i patiently opened all the 9 mails that were embedded inside.

it was an article from a wellness site - that had a very simple solution to manage our worries.

it said that worrying is distracting and takes away productivity from our daily work routine. how true - i read on..
after some more statistics about how worrying affects people and the negative side effects and so on, it had a simple solution:

set aside a specific time every day to worry. preferably before just as you go to bed - so that you can fall asleep, overwhelmed by the worries and go to sleep. a sure cure for insomnia

sounded simple enough. except that it did not say anything about the kinds of dreams or nightmares it might induce.

anyway, the experience from the traffic jam yesterday evening, back from work - i decided to set aside the driving time as my worry time.

today, unfortunately for this plan - fortunately otherwise, the traffic was relatively smooth and i had to answer a couple of phone calls, that i forgot that i need to worry.

home now, i am worried that i did not worry during my worry time...

please help..
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