Saturday, November 3, 2007

five wishes

I came across this site aging with dignity. (

a simple concept implemented effectively, this is now a valid 'living will' in many states of USA.

these five wishes relate to decisions an individual would prefer - or would have used as as basis for decisions, when one is not medically fit to make such decisions.

usually, these ar tough situations for families and friends, as they can only second guess what the person would have preferred and also have to convince others as well.

the five wishes relate to the following:
  1. the person i want to make care decisions for me, when i can't
  2. the kind of medical treatment i want or don't want
  3. how comfortable i want to be
  4. how i want people to treat me
  5. what i want my loved ones to know

the growing popularity of old age homes becoming more of elder care providing communities in india provide some options for elders to live with dignity and also have less worries about their physical care needs.

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