Saturday, January 31, 2009


This is one more travel related post.
it was rather foggy that morning.
just two days earlier, flights out of Bangalore were delayed. i was hoping that it was a rare occurrence in Bangalore.
the drive to the airport early that morning, felt suddenly strange. i noticed that many vehicles had their hazard lights on! but still driving at top speed.
my driver did not know if that was any convention to be followed and so, drive with normal lights.
on arrival at the airport, i checked with an airport taxi driver - who confirmed that it is their convention to have the hazards on, as it improved the identification of the vehicles by those that follow.

for the first time in Bangalore, i could see - or rather not see - that the visibility was so poor. all flights that morning were delayed by about 2+ hours!

the other strange experience on the road was in Noida.
as i was moving on an expressway, suddenly noticed that cars were coming in the opposite direction, fairly fast.
the driver was not very concerned.
he also slowed down, made a U turn and drove as if nothing happened till he came to an exit to get off the expressway.
apparently that is a normal thing to avoid any jams ahead.

but one thing from this trip that amused me was the steward on the flight.
it was an economy airline, and i could understand their austerity measures.
this person took it to an extreme in economizing on the announcements.

from what i could recall from other announcements, i could guess that Layshmun - is the economized form of Ladies and gentlemen!
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