Saturday, January 24, 2009

My first step - need your help!

After many years in thinking, I took the first step to formalize my thoughts related to a pet topic.
it is about creating a self development framework for individuals- professionals in particular and professionals in the software industry, to be very specific.

it is a more serious attempt compared to this blog. and may not be of interest to many of you, who have been following this blog.

I call the model the Software Kundalini.
I have discussed this idea with many friends over time and so, may not be very new to some of you.
while it has been an intention - and i had decided not to make any new year resolutions, one of my good friends - Rali - had taken this as his resolution - to push me to start.
By his theory, once you start, the stream might meander, but find its way to the destination.

Rali, thanks. i have taken the first step - after yesterday's call.
The first choice to be made was the structure of the documents, i want it to be an interactive and collective project, where i hope that the inputs from my well-wishers would enrich the work product.

after a very quick, not very scientific, comparison, i chose a different technology platform for that - on wordpress.

I would like to invite you to my other blog, look not only at the blog posts, but also the pages.
right now, it is very sketchy.
i hope to evolve it over time.
but early feedback from you all would be very valuable.

do spare some minutes to go to my new project  and share your thoughts.

i will continue with my thoughts on other topics here.
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