Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ragi Gudda

I visited the Ragi Gudda temple after a couple of years.
it was evening and the temple was crowded.
i was happy to see that there has been a lot of 'development' such as paved, guided paths that took you along the optimal route while ensuring that you do not miss out on activities along the way, such as handling your footwear on your way in to getting your prasadam on the way out.
the steps to the top of the hill - location of the main deity - hanuman - is now paved with marble.
the paths now have railings that prevent straying away.

it was also good to see many youngsters visiting the temple.

but, what i missed were the intimacy and the freedom that i remember of the temple.
when we had moved to bangalore - about 18 years ago, this was one spot where we could spend time at leisure near the deities, then on the hill slopes which was a favorite for the kids.

but now, since it was the evening and a lot of crowd, one could not go around the deities. those paths were blocked.
nor could one step out of line to sit on the hill.

i guess that i should visit the temple very early one weekday morning to enjoy the magnificent view from the hill top.
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