Saturday, January 17, 2009

Power Points on trains

as i travel to chennai these days by train, i have been trying to find the most effective timings and options to use the transit time.

i prefer the day trains to night - as the night train timings are not very convenient - and they are usually full.

I try to catch up with some sleep as well reading which, of late, i have been finding it difficult to get time.

the last time i was in the I AC night train, i noticed that they had power points in the coach.
on shatabdi or lalbagh, i noticed that there were plug points, but not for every seat.

when i traveled last week, i was hoping that i would get a seat near a plug point.

i was lucky to get such a seat both ways and could be connected to the net with the data card.

now, i am convinced that day train travel to chennai is a very productive way of travel, as i can also catch up with the mails..

Cool! no?
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