Sunday, October 21, 2012

Navaratri 2012

This year the theme for the Navaratri Golu was ‘Lord Shiva’.

Navaratri2012 002

Some of the Kailash Mansarovar trip effects, possibly.

On top, we have the Bhagiratha Prayatnam.

The story of Bhagiratha, who asked Lord Shiva for help in bringing Ganga to earth.

to blunt the force of Ganga, Shiva takes the descent of Ganga on his head and then releases it more gently on earth.

that is depicted by the patachitra

Navaratri2012 003

these sections depict the Ganga, as she moves along hills and valleys, through thick forests too..

Navaratri2012 006 to reach the plains to irrigate the land. Navaratri2012 005

the great guru of all gurus, Dakshinamurthy finds a central place in the Golu this time,

Navaratri2012 004 just below a cave where lord Shiva is in penance  Navaratri2012 003 with Ardhanreesewara as well as Parvati and Shiva just outside.

the traditional Tamil grand old lady, avvaiyyar is also in attendance.


the temple complex  Navaratri2012 008  represents the association with Shiva based on Chidambaram. 

A famous legend associated with Shiva here is the ‘secret of Chidambaram’ – the ‘Chidambara Rahasyam’.

usually hidden by a screen, it is opened only on select days.

Navaratri2012 009 Navaratri2012 010 Navaratri2012 012

while many who have seen it explain it as an image of Vilva leaves, some others claim that there are secret inscriptions and there are others who say that the secret is about removing ones own veil of Maya, in order to understand oneself and the true purpose of life.

Another popular legend associated with one of the very devout bhaktas is the Nandanar story.

Nandanar, from a lower-caste, working under a Brahmin landlord, aspires to visit Chidambaram but faces many hurdles, as his master would not let him off.

the story is about how he goes about his dream.

even on his visit to the local temple in Thirupangur, he would not be allowed in, due to his caste.

to get him a good dharshan, lord Shiva asks the Nandi, who is normally  right in front, to move aside, so that Nandanar can view him from the street.

hence the Nandi and dwajasthambam are a little off.

Navaratri2012 013

of course the golu is not complete without a places for Ganesha, Lakshmi, Saraswati, a kalasam -  Navaratri2012 007 ,

the leelas of Krishna  Navaratri2012 014 or a little kolam or rangoli.

Navaratri2012 015

and to remember the kailash experience, a digital picture frame with some of the scenes, and background music of Shiva related songs complete the golu for this year.

Navaratri2012 017

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