Thursday, September 20, 2012

Live wires

did you know that wires have a secret life of their own?
I read this article in the Wall Street Journal, that seemed to make a case for switching back to the wired connections, from wireless – at least at home.
according to that article, the inefficiencies in the home environment, dated technology already in place, multiple heavy users etc. – deliver effectively less bandwidth that what the network is capable or the service normally subscribed to.
when the devices are connected over a wire, it said, the performance was much better.
i remember the initial days of the structured cabling and building networks when there were companies that specialized in extending the reach of standard cables etc.
but then, i have been terrified of wires and think that the wireless technology is so cool!
that is not an irrational fear!
for example, recently, for Ganesh chaturthi, i was taking out a yajnopavitam for the ganesha.
for those who are not familiar – these are also known as sacred threads. a strand of three – knotted up – is considered as a single yajnopavitam.
depending on certain conditions, one is expected to wear a single [for bachelors], two [for married persons] etc.
but, usually these come in packs of three, all neatly coiled and folded.
ganesha2012 063
 ganesha2012 062
while these coils are further folded, a Mobius-strip like twist is used to ensure that it is not tangled.
ganesha2012 065
but then, these strings have a life of their own – even if you try very delicately, chances are that you will end up with a situation like
ganesha2012 064
while it appears simple to untangle, every step forward could take you a couple backward Sad smile
i see this most with the hands-free headsets for the mobile.
even if you take the trouble of winding it patiently and shoving it into your pocket or bag, when you take it out – invariably when the phone rings and you want to take the call on the hands free – it will be tangled!
i see that with wires in general – see these examples:
ganesha2012 055ganesha2012 056
ganesha2012 057ganesha2012 058
ganesha2012 059
now, don’t you agree that wires live! and have a secret life of their own?
p.s. if you have figured out the best ‘wire manager’ solution, do let me know..
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