Sunday, November 18, 2012

Of Birds and Bs–from Kerala

Recently, had an opportunity to watch some birds from close quarters.
Forms 448
a few days away from the normal routine, some of my earlier understanding of birds changed.
that not all birds are angry..
some are lazy..
Forms 169 to get into the water to fish!
while some are patient, on the ground – close to action
Forms 156 kerala2012 078, others plan their strategies
 Forms 121 Forms 158 from a height.
and that not only birds of a feather flock together.. Forms 130 - maybe these are politicians,
were alliances are for short term convenience!
and then there were some as teams kerala2012 047 kerala2012 171
and some, loners.. 16 Forms 123
Forms 153 Forms 274.
in our enthusiasm to capture nature, Forms 259, we forgot the schemes of men.
02 22 - that our cruise boats got caught in a net once
kerala2012 113 and some plastic sheets the second time, kerala2012 183we had to get help
 kerala2012 114 from local fisher folk and also some extra effort by the boatmen 09
to get out of the mangroves.. 10.
all these were in the backwaters of Kerala 07  12
15  kerala2012 076
the bird theme was everywhere, including the way the towel in our hotel room was folded.. kerala2012 257
there were many ‘touristy photo’ moments..Forms 481 03,
 06or 07 
this blog is an attempt to capture just a little bit of the memories kerala2012 285 
of the Birds and the B[ackwater]s of Kerala..
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