Saturday, May 5, 2012

an acrophobic’s attempt

recently, i had posted a picture on my Facebook page.

while this got many likes and some comments of appreciation, there were also ones of

- doubt

- disbelief


this post is to go behind the scenes and tell it all!

not so much to garner appreciation or admiration [Smile] but more to share the bigger picture behind this picture ..

it all started when some colleagues and business partners stopped briefly on a road trip,

at the Columbia river bank — at Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park.WP_000128

to reach this spot, we had to cross snow clad mountains : WP_000123

clear snow WP_000124, one handful at a time!

and reach the land of the wanapums WP_000129.

and cross a rocky and dry environment, WP_000130

while they are almost extinct now – per the sign there, the beauty of the location still hasn’t vanished.

WP_000126   WP_000131


the river was almost a gorge WP_000127IMG_0404


there was this protective wall at places IMG_0405

and no protection at others IMG_0411

i chose to venture to the other side of the wall!

while the effect in the picture IMG_0420 was a combination of
camera angle and the subject’s position, it was, i should admit, a safe spot with reasonable foot room.

but, for an acrophobic, this was something!

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