Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nobody gets angry with Jayaram

it started as a trip to saklespur.

with 16 of us, most of the group being twenty-somethings, and three been-twenty-somethings, we could not fit into one tempo traveller [TT].

it was decided that the three of the have-been-theres would come by a car – that yours truly drove, while the others would huddle in the TT.

waking up at 2 AM and waiting for the TT, we left Bangalore around 4.30 AM.

the drive on the Nelamangala – chennarayapatna was very good, with an added happiness of going on an empty  toll road, when the actual toll collection had not yet started!

the main objective of the trip was not achieved due to non-availability of some persons who needed to be there.

so, it was decided to visit Kukke Subramanya, which was about 70 kms from where we were.

the ghat road and the slow trucks carrying petroleum products made the drive somewhat slow.

on our return, stopped briefly for a snack break.

it looked like everybody wanted to drive the car, to give me some relief though i had taken a short nap after the refreshments.

i told them that i was quite comfortable and would take a break if i felt tired – and would probably be more stressed, if i was not driving..

and then i was told that everybody was angry with me for not taking rest.

i could understand their concern, but could not get an answer to my question:

- why was nobody angry with Jayaram?

he also had been driving from the morning, the same route – in fact with more passengers in a larger vehicle.

would you have an answer?


p.s. Jayaram was the TT driver..

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