Sunday, October 22, 2017

Glimpses of Haridwar

Recently, had an opportunity to visit, or rather transit via Haridwar.
While there were many good sights and great people I came across, including a rural school [where the kids taught us the importance of personal hygiene and water purification as well as sang us some rhymes and songs], a Self Help Group of Women, who has just been home makers, now aspiring to set up a dry leaf based plate making unit among other projects, a couple of things were interesting, when seen in person.

The Thomson canal – aka the Ganges canal, build by a British Engineer Thomson – who was also instrumental in setting up the Civil Engineering department at Roorkee – that had portions that were actually at 2 levels..
IMG_1374  You can see the canal flowing at the lower level [somewhat west to east] IMG_1377
and another [with no water] at the higher level [north east to southwest]IMG_1382
Another interesting observation was at the Har Ki Pauri, which is one of the famous Ghats on the Ganges.  Water had been let out after an annual break, when the Ghats are desilted and the shrines also appeared freshly painted.
It was a full moon day – Sharad Poornima – and we reached there just when the Aarti had got over.
the crowds slowly moved out. IMG_1416
. and we could go near the water
Many people did some pooja and let lamps float on the river..

in this very short visit. also touched Rishikesh, for a brief overnight stay – checked in late evening, when it was dark and checked out the next morning before sunrise..
Even in that short drive, could see that every other building seemed to be a Yoga center!
Maybe that was an indirect influence to my enrolling in the #YogaMOOC! Smile
so, no pictures.. only a recording of the roar of the Ganges..

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