Thursday, October 19, 2017

Excited about online Yoga!

years ago, when I enrolled in a Yoga class, it was partly curiosity and partly peer-induced.
The brisk morning walk to the yoga class was an added incentive, to feel the gentle, cool breeze - and the meeting of friends along the way and the conversations around global concerns!

Practicing Yoga as a group had its definite advantages.
being in a place, where everybody knows your name, is a reassuring feeling.

Though I had some challenges with some postures, particularly bending the lower back, I could do some other postures much better than the class! So, I had the hope of bending my back also, some day!

Then, a little moment of indiscretion, while climbing on a stool, to look for some stuff in the loft - led to a broken right arm, that stopped the yoga practice.

With the routine broken - and a shift to a new home, slightly farther away - which meant, I had to drive to the class and not walk.. - just lost it!

So, when edX announced a YogaMOOC, that was teh call to action!

Looking forward to restarting my practice, along with a global peer-group.

See you there!
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