Sunday, February 12, 2017

The WhyCan’t series..

We are all used to asking Why?
or being asked Why?
The expectation is that there is a logical or convincing or believable answer.
‘Why’ is a good question. Has been the basis for many scientific and philosophical explorations.
Another approach is to ask why not? This is more argumentative and very useful when we do not have an answer or response and can even be a somewhat intimidating approach to shut off a discussion.
But, to trigger imagination and innovation, the most effective question is Why Can’t?
Over time, I ask myself many Why Can’ts..
Being no authority on most things, I find it easier to wonder why some tings can’t just be!
and stay in wonder of things around us..
From time to time I hope to share some of my why can’ts
If you have any points that would help us get towards some answers, that would be great, to explore some of these together..
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