Sunday, January 22, 2017

I miss Sankars

sankars-logo This year has seen me at the Bangalore airport five times in the last 3 weeks - almost every weekend.

This is after a break of a few months – and the last visit was in a hurry, when I mde it just in time to board.

The biggest disappointment [or shock?] for me was that there is no decent bookstore at the airport anymore.

The information desk pointed me to the store that, to me, is more like a street corner convenience store. They sell fridge magnets, miscellaneous traveler gadgets, chocolates, snacks.. and.. yes, some newspaper and one pathetic rack of books!

Time was, even with very little time at the old Bangalore airport [i must admit that the airport was much smaller and with fewer flights, about 25 years ago], one could drop in at Sankars.

Though the area was quite small, the variety of books carried and the change in stock every time I visited, even when it was quite frequent, was very good.

Not to mention the friendly, personalized service and recommendations that added to the experience.

While I see Sankars in other places – such as Rangashankara, I miss you at the airport!

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