Saturday, February 12, 2011

starting young

in the last four weeks, i have been averaging about three days a week in delhi.
i was amused when i saw a front page news item a couple of weeks ago, about the nursery schools publishing their first list of kids selected for admissions!

time was, when everyone would eagerly wait for the board / public exam results.
this news item triggered some nostalgic thoughts..
i remember a personal disappointment about not getting admission to one of the schools in chennai - for my nursery.
i got into another, with my sister's teacher's connections!

more recently, i regularly see parents camping out on the pavement overnight, to get applications for admission to nursery schools.

there are still a lot of variations in the nursery school admissions in Bangalore.
In Delhi, though, there are many regulations to streamline this.
the Directorate of Education, Delhi has a comprehensive website with all applicable information.

and when the first list is published, it is front page news.
i also have been reading many interviews from disappointed parents.
one of them said that the system is not fair - as it does not give adequate weightage to the potential of the child.
they were particularly disappointed and concerned since they do not qualify under many criteria - such as alumni, sibling in the school, income, one of the parents NOT working, not a transfer case, not a government employee etc [the last one may not be a qualifying criterion, i think].
they were happy that their driver could get admission for his daughter in the first list - in three prestigious schools, thanks to the Right To Education act, but felt that deserving kids should all be given equal opportunity to compete and qualify.

i also noticed that there are many websites specializing in ... yes, nursery admissions in delhi!
a sampling from a google search: admissionsnursery, nurseryadmissions, schooladmissions, schooladmissionsindia, delhischooladmissions, nurseryadmissions ..

interestingly, the last site in the above list is not for nursery schools, i found this under 'about', but could not understand what is means.

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maybe the site is work in progress, or being developed as a class project by nursery school students! a school started recently near my home, talks of all modern facilities being available for the children and when we went there to see what they have [a small detour from our normal walking path], we found that some of the facilities - such as tennis - are only indoors.

I am sure there are preparatory and finishing schools for nursery admissions, when children start their education.
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