Monday, February 21, 2011

7.25 AM

all clocks exhibit a strange behavior.

irrespective of brand or geography, the following seem to be true:
- when you hit snooze in the morning, they seem to cover 5 minutes in much less time, to wake you up again
- when you switch off the alarm, for that 2 minute extra sleep, they move super fast and move ahead by anything between 10 and 30 [lucky, if it is not 45 or more] minutes

i could not agree any more with whoever said that no two clocks agree - except, i guess the ones that have stopped. they show the right time at least once a day.

most of the time time is approximate. particularly the Indian way. When shall we meet - say 7, 7.30.
- i'll call you around 4.30

while in mumbai, if we miss the 7.23 local, we can take the 7.27 and still make it to the bus @ ghatkopar!

it is not just while waking up - while getting ready to go to work [particularly on days when i take the company bus] - the clocks move double or triple fast between 7 AM and 7.45 AM.

with the nearly weekly trips to delhi over the last few weeks, this has become a very important time.
while the actual departure times have been delayed, the web check-in would open precisely 24 hours before the scheduled time and this becomes a very significant

so, in all the morning rush, i need to make sure that i get through to the website precisely at 7.25 AM for the choice of my preferred seat.
strangely, these seem to be many others who also seem to be waiting for this time and have the same preference of a seat.
why else would i be seq #7, even if i miss the 7.25 AM slot by a minute or two?

lessening this disappointment or stress is the irctc site at 8 AM in the morning, to book a tatkal ticket.
blood pressure will automatically rise, as you see the available seats go down faster than the clock - with every successive attempt that you would be forced to, as the transactions would fail in various stages..
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