Sunday, January 9, 2011


we drove from Bhagmandala to Talacauvery in the morning. the misty mountains and valleys
hid the rising sun.
The talacauvery complex was just waking up with no other visitors.
the priests were already busy for the morning puja.

the spot of the origin of Cauvery was not to be touched - and the excess water flowed into a larger tank, where one could have a bath.
the complex also has a shrine for sage Agastya, who was said to have brought cauvery to the Earth.
adjoining the complex is the Brahmagiri hill, which has a steep climb [on well cut and paved steps, with hand rails] and offers an excellent 360-degree view.

an aerial view of the talacauvery tank.
the source of the cauvery is under the glass covered roof  in the picture.

at the foot of the complex, a small deviation took us to a century old house, of the senior priest of the complex.
this is not generally open to the public but we could go  because of the contacts. an interesting feature to see was the water seeping through the crevices in the rocks, in the backyard of the house.  
to capture this natural and fresh source of water for bathing and other purposes a contraption was made to collect the water.
an old 'bullet' motorcycle in the backyard completed the vintage ambiance.

we accessed the cauvery devara kaadu [mentioned in the earlier post], from their backyard.
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