Saturday, January 1, 2011

lesser known coorg - Cauvery Devara Kaadu

I had an opportunity to visit some of the lesser known - read not so touristy- spots in coorg on a whirlwind trip a couple of days ago.
thanks to our son-in-law's father [i believe here is no term for his relationship in english, what we call sambandhi], who had taken the pains to plan out the details so elaborately, though short, this was a wonderful trip.

among the spots we covered were the Cauvery Devara kaadu [at tala Cauvery, the source of the cauvery river], not usually accessible to the public without special permission.

the entrance to this section is right at the foot of the Tala Cauvery complex.

this path [motorable only with a 4WD, would apparently take us to a spot in kerala in about 18 km, which, otherwise, would take about 120km, by normal road].
the devara kaadu portion [below], is very heavily wooded and is not inhabited and apparently nobody enters this section - considered very sacred by the local community.

more pictures of some other spots in my later posts.
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