Saturday, July 25, 2009

Birds in the balcony

the last few weeks have been quite hectic, and have been away from this blog.
while i have a few topics that i want to write about, am waiting for the thoughts to organize themselves.
and some apt pictures :-)

it was a refreshing break this morning to see some mynahs in the balcony garden.

they have been coming regularly in the last few weeks - possibly after they located a source for some worms? in the home composting tower - called khamba.
a simple system of three sections that make compost out of kitchen and organic waste at home.

more recently, a small bird feed tray was added, though that could not have been the cause - as it gets too hot in the sun and the seeds get wet in the rain.

but, whatever was the reason, it is good to see emboldened birds that are not afraid of us and move about freely.

very relaxing.
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