Saturday, January 5, 2008

Previous day's newspaper

i like reading the newspaper.
if i cannot do it in the morning, i prefer to read it the next day, rather than in the evening.

when i travel out of town for a few days, i like to read the papers after my return.
helps me catch up with the local, national and international stories.

reading the previous day's paper is interesting.
you most likely know the main stories already - from TV or through someone else. so there is no element of surprise.
but, at the same time, it is a good source to quench your curiosity. you can get the details of the stories that are of interest.

in that sense, it is better value for time spent with the paper.

another advantage with the previous day's paper is that there are unlikely to be other contenders - so you can read in peace - as long as you wish, wherever you wish!

when i travel to a new place, i like to read the local - more local, the better - paper.
many of the local papers are tabloids.

they want to ensure that you - as a reader - can empathize with the neighborhood in times of distress such as a cat that climbed a tree and caused a lot of mental agony for the caretaker as well as the neighbor.

with this habit acquired in India, i sorely used to miss the daily paper in the morning [no. i usually do not drink coffee, so that is not a necessity]. on one occasion, when i was visiting the USA [in California, to be more precise], i picked up the free local Daily News during lunch time. my co-worker commented that it was my daily dose of depression.

i have thought about it many times. and still cannot find a simpler, clearer and correct definition or reason for the newspaper habit.

i need my daily fix of news and views.

the e-paper versions do not hold the same charm for me. while they have matured in the recent times, and provide the page turning effects, i still cannot fold the image to the size of, say, the crossword!

why talk about old newspapers in the new year - you may wonder.

almost every paper has a recap of the year that was - the top / bottom list, whose logic nobody would know - as it varies from paper to paper.
in effect, they are compressing all that happened in the year to a page or two.

i hope that one day we will have our own paper - with the look and feel of the texture and size of paper, customized to our preferences, that is completely electronic.

what the iPod did to music and now videos, this newsPod would be the next killer product idea.
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