Tuesday, January 22, 2008

less is better

the last two days, most of the maxi-cabs and many private buses are off the roads in bangalore.

while they are protesting the mandate of fitting their vehicles with speed limiting devices, it has been better for the other drivers, as they are able to drive faster than usual, with less crowded roads.

i am sure that this is one of the reasons for this protest and reluctance.

i have some solutions for this issue:

make the speed limiting device active during peak hours only
have special drag races for these drivers who are forced to drive with limitations; these races to be held over the weekends in specially designated roads that have the normal number of potholes, cross traffic etc
like slow cycle races, have a slow-sumo race
offices should reward the drivers [and the employees, consequently] who come in late to work, due to slow driving
i shudder to think how long it would take to get to the new airport with a maximum speed of 15 kmph..

p.s. no idea mentioned above to be construed as the author directly or indirectly promoting rash driving!
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