Sunday, October 14, 2007

technology everywhere

just got back from a literal whirlwind trip.
it was my first trip to the US after almost one year.
while i have heard of many developments, it was surely a good first hand expereince.
start with the delhi-newark non-stop flight.
duration wise, shorter than the SFO-SIN i had flown once, but it was very convenient as i could leave here sunday afternoon and reach work monday morning!
the entertainment system on continental on the way out was very good - with VoD, the selection was very vast.

if the summaries of the shows / movies were also available with some critiques, it would have been easier to choose.

the technology @ the airports is still the same - and the security lines, as long.

the technology at teh hotel was all pervasive.
no money, no service - was their motto.
whether it was the wi-fi internet access from the rooms or using the LCD panel tv in the conference room - everything was centrally controlled and unless paid for or guaranteed by a credit card, one cannot use the facilities.

the best 'adoption' of tehcnology was when we were entering the customer's office - for a meeting with an officer who was based in a different building and the guard could not get through.
we could not reach his mobile.
as we wondered hiw to get in, the guard asked "do you have an email from him on your blackberry? you can show me that!"

that was the first acceptance of blackberry as a positive confirmation document that i came across!
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