Thursday, October 25, 2007

among academics

i had an opportunity to be immersed among academics at the recent IEEE international conference on requirements engineering.
after IISc, this was my experience of being among so many intellectuals in a serious conference.
i was a ppanelist [on two different panels]; the first was about the RE practices in specific niches [i had chosen the systems engineering space] and another on the impact on new trends in software engineering and services on Requirments Engineering.

it was a good experience to interact with the other panelists as well as the audience.

as a summary of my thoughts, i mentioned that the first expectation as a practitioner from the researchers was to help 'make the obvious explicit' in a simple manner.
this evoked a couple of questions and a brief discussion.
whether more documentation will make it explicit. my response was not to rely on written documentation, but identify ways of capturing and sharing the context [domain, business etc] and conveying it effectively.
with multi media and unstructured ways of generating knowledge in groups, through interactions, we need ways to capture and later aggregate, just in time..

re an earlier post on the answer being in the question:
one day, the party chief in Russia asked as peasant how the potato crop that year was.
Peasant: we have so many potatoes that, if they are all piled up, would reach the feet of God.
Chief: but there is no God!
Peasant: there are no potatoes, either!
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