Sunday, August 4, 2013

Now even I can skip!


I had written about being unplugged from the net, technology etc earlier.

the digital lords seem to have a comprehensive plan to surround us with technology and make it impossible to be without them.. complete submission to the devious designs of the digital dons.

time was when miniaturization was seen as cool! from valve radios to transistors. and then the radios becoming part of the music players, phones etc – making them even smaller.

similarly, I remember that during my initial visits to the US, had to get very long cords to connect the phone, so that I could walk around the apartment, while talking on the phone. though messy and potentially a pain to be stay untangled, it met the need to be mobile while talking on the phone [for hours!].

mobile phones had the ‘hands free’ accessories , that were just earpieces and mouthpieces wired to one’s ears an the phone.

then came Bluetooth. which eliminated the need to have wires, to be connected to the phone.

then it is now wireless everything, including a wi-fi connection to the internet.

One main reason for my hesitation to use the jump rope [or skipping rope], is that my movements are hardly graceful. add to that the fear that I will make a fool of myself, by being clumsy and possibly trip myself over the rope.

when I saw this ad in an airline sales catalog – which, by the way, is one of the interesting publications that I like to go through in details, particularly on the long, boring flights.. – and felt that I – like the famous French chef in the movie ratatouille said that anyone can cook – anyone can now skip.

my experience with skipping has so far been skipping my exercises, skipping my medicines etc.

but with this ad, it looked that it was the ideal solution to help me tick off one more ‘to learn’ items in my bucket list, for skipping

Cordless Skipping v2

a digital, cordless skipping rope!

what will they think of next?

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