Sunday, October 10, 2010

Navaratri - contemporary and green

this time, the 'golu' was a little different from the usual format.
a smaller arrangement for the steps meant that many of the dolls had to stay in the cartons in the loft..
the space thus gained was taken up by the 'intergalactic sports meet' - inspired by the CWG and India's good showing reflected in the medals tally.

the green aspect came from the approach to recycle and reuse.
all athletes were made from wire [literally wire-frames] taken from broken and unused clotheslines / creeper support from the garden.. some of the other props - such as the poles for the medals tally banner and the bar for the pole vaulter were dry twigs from the garden

their skeletons were padded with shreds of newspaper, thread etc.

a slideshow of some of the pictures:

If you are not able to view that flash slideshow, or want to see the pictures as an album, you can follow this link to see the photo album.
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