Sunday, June 14, 2009

All they seem to do is..

a few days ago, i spent about four and a half hours in two safari rides through the Nagarahole national park.
it was a refreshing break from the routine - more so because it was mid-week :-)

though i have been on some other safaris and also seen many wildlife movies, it is always very insighhtful when i go through the experience of observing nature more closely - though under the guidance of a trained naturalist.

it was an open jeep, so the perceived danger of being 'attacked' was at the back of the mind. nothing like that happened, but i heard that others have had closer encounters.

a saying in tamil goes that one grain of rice [a sample] is enough to determine if the whole vessel has been cooked.

so, if i extrapolate what i saw, it appears that each of the wildlife specied seem to do just one thing!

like, the deer are always very afraid and wary of everything around them. [if you can spot the spotted deer in this pipcture ,that is]
we were told that the elephants need to spend close to 18 hours eating every day! particularly in the dry months, to get adequate quantities of food.

and the langurs always playful and somewhat irritated at being interrupted in their fun by the tourists!

and the moon just shining.. on the river kabini..

The highlight of the trip was the sighting of a leapord, sitting on e tree branch, after a sumptuous meal, i assume.
picture credit to a fellow-tourist who could get this shot.

i wonder if i can say something like this about me - other that what some others say - that all i do is spend time at the computer!

what is that one thing that anyone might say that you only do!
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