Sunday, March 29, 2009

Now, i can get on to google maps!

the last couple of weeks have been very significant in terms of my identify beign associated firmly with my address.

some time back, i mentioned that i had very little to prove my residential address.

through a series of actions, some that were very long pending, i now have multiple such proofs.

the first was the sriving license. the RTO was kind enough to accept the documents i had and was convinced to endorse my DL with the right address.

then, it was the passport office! while the passport was issued very painlessly, there was a typo in my father's name. the procedure to get it corrected was very simple. i had to fill up a form and submit it at the enquiry counter or send it by registered post - and, if it was their mistake - in this case, it was - they would send it in a couple of days.
the problem was that the particular form was not accessible online.
so, i had to take off from work for half a day, wait in line for a couple of hours for a 2 minute submission.

surely, the passport was ready and reached home in 3 days!

another offical record that now had the address is the BBMP issued land record.

with so many official records, i can put my address on the map!

there are still a few more records to be updated - like the voter id, PAN card etc that do not have the correct address still :-)
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