Saturday, December 6, 2008

The *sexuals : marketing inventions?

First it was the metrosexuals.
this word has been around for a long time - if i remember right, from sometime in the mid 90s - when the term was coined to denote the generation of men who were conscious of their apearance.
this also led to a market of designer clothes and accessories that were to be used to be considered a metrosexual.
it became fashionable to be a metrosexual to be on page 3!

like with all products over time, since 'new and improved' versions need to be created, we got the Uber sexual.
defined as a male who is similar to a metroseual but displays the traditional manly qualities such as confidence, strength and class. 

recently, i came across a classification - the gastrosexual.
the article that introduced me to this term went on to talk about this also possibly being a strategy by marketeers. this is a term being used for the launch of food products for male cooks!
as far as i know, most of the celebrity chefs are male, though, at home, the best food is made by women..

the one that beat me recently was the 'technosexual'. 
the ones we used to call geeks or nerds are reborn as technosexuals.
again, the main characteristic of these men are the *est [latest, largest, fastest etc] gadgets that they surround themselves with. whether is is the PDA or the extra large flat screen [plasma] TV or the designer [prada?] sandals, they have to have them.

i do not know whether these marketers have taken the strategy that 'sex sells' to the extreme.

i did some research on the origin of these words. and guess what i found!

a term for people who create these words with a *sexual form.

they are called the logosexuals!
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