Saturday, November 22, 2008

internalizing green

of late, i find a lot of space in the media devoted to going green.
there are also many books and even major corporations that talk of going green - getting carbon credits etc.
and a lot of talk of sustainable architecture.
when i saw this on the road yesterday, while waiting for the traffic light to turn green - i was wondering..

the picture may not be very clear, but what i saw was this.
the driver of the car ahead of me was smoking. I guess a car is not a public place and hence the new no-smoking rules may not apply..
what he did was what triggered this thought:
he put his hand out [with the cigarette] and was dumping the ashen tip on the plants growing on the divider!
i am not sure if it is the bangalore traffic that makes one behave differently on the road or is all this talk just another fad being promoted by the media?

how do we bring about the concern for the environment to where the rubber meets the road -  where it can make a significant difference?
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